Like I previously stated, the movie “Jerry Maguire” was one of my main influences on wanting to become a Sports Agent.  I have always been a big football fan and I was also a fan of Tom Cruise.  I decided to watch this movie at a pretty young age, when I did not even understand half of the things that were going on.  The way Jerry Maguire conducts himself in this movie was very amusing for me though.  While he doesn’t illustrate everything into being a Sports Agent, I think what he did best was showing the lifestyle and characteristics of a typical person in this field.  He also reveals the negativity that can sometimes be associated with Sports Agents as well.  At the beginning of the movie, Jerry is on top of the world.  He has the best clients and is making ridiculous amounts of money.  He ends up getting fired from his firm and has all his clients taken from him.  Jerry then is stuck with one client, but manages to build his way back up to the top.  It also shows the difference in working for a firm as opposed to working independently.  Jerry was at his highest point when he worked for his firm, but it pretty much crumbled overnight.  When he was forced to be independent, it was a struggle at first, but he still managed to achieve success.  While this movie doesn’t nearly show everything that goes into the world of Sports Agents, it has some credible facts that it does a good job of illustrating to the audience.