I recently stumbled across an article on Sports Illustrated’s website that was very informative about the life on a sports agent.  Josh Luchs first arrived on the scene when he was 20 years old.  He was a ball boy for the Oakland Raiders.  This allowed him to get very close to his players, and ultimately sign Greg Townsend, their star defensive end.  Like Rosenhaus, Luchs went to a school that had a high volume of football talent, UCLA.  He used this to his advantage when first starting out.  He hung out around the football players, which allowed them to feel more comfortable when signing him as an agent.  He then goes on to talk about how he cheated the system.  There have been many scandals recently surfacing in college about agents and other people paying student athletes.  This seemed to be the norm back in the day.  He explained how the basis of recruiting for a lot of the athletes was how much you would pay them.  He still had to get close to his clients, but money was a huge factor.  This was an NFLPA (NFL Players Association) violation, but rarely was anyone getting caught.  He eventually moved on to working with an agent who played by the rules.  This lasted for a few successful years, until Gary Wichard started limiting the number of clients he would allow Luchs to recruit.  He was scared that Luchs would leave him and steal all his clients.  So eventually Luchs leaves, and takes Wichard to court because he was withholding some of the commision that Luch was old.  They found that one of the players sent a check to Luchs, which turned around and got him in trouble.  He was eventually suspended a year by the NFLPA, fined $25,000, and his career as a sports agent was basically over.  I found this extremely interesting because it showed how fast a person’s career can turn around.  It also gave me an inside view of the profession, and showed me that everything doesn’t go by the books.  There are many in’s and out’s to the business, that make agents bend the rules a little bit.  It is how you proceed with this obstacles that will make or break your career.