I thought it would be interesting to talk about how sports marketing has changed over the years. Sports marketing goes hand and hand with sports agents because it is essentially what they do, they market their players. The article I found dated the start of sports marketing as early as the 1800’s. They stated that the tobacco companies were the start of it, because they would insert baseball cards into their cigarette packs, with the hope of not only gaining more recognition for the player but to boost their own sales as well. It quickly became a growing trend. Most notably, they would start putting cards into packs of gum, and then even ended up developing “big-league chew”. “Big-league chew” was gum that was made to resemble chewing tobacco, which was made so famous by baseball players. This way, kids could mimic their favorite athletes without having to actually use to tobacco. It was then during the 1936 Olympics when marketing was taken to a new level. American athlete Jesse Owens started receiving products based purely on means of advertisement. As the years progressed, athletes started to become incorporated in advertisements that had nothing to do with their sport. They would use them with the sole purpose of recognition and hope that would bring their company more business. These different techniques they used in the past paved the way for marketing in the present. You can’t go to any sporting event now a days without having advertisements thrown in your face. From the uniforms athletes wear to the actual fields themselves, there is nothing but advertisement. While sports marketing is more associated with advertising companies, the techniques employed by sports agents model this but focusing more on individuals.