Throughout the process of constructing my blog, I learned a lot of new techniques of writing that I have not previously learned in school.  There are many different ways to tell information to an audience.  School has always taught me the formal way, but blogging introduced informal writing to me and basically just had me writing whatever was on mind about a certain topic.  It was pretty difficult to have such a sudden change in writing style, seeing that I am also graduated from college and have not experienced this yet.  Luckily, I felt that I was able to successfully make the change.

When writing my posts, I carefully considered the prompt to make sure that my blogging met all the criteria.  I think I was able to answer the prompt in a very clear manner through my various posts.  A lot of my posts dealt with technology, and explained how it was beneficial to getting into the world of sports.  I used interesting topics that explained various aspects of sports and agents in general.  For example, my post about video games talks about a young adult who plays video games for a living.  Many people would see this as a joke, but he his is actually making a substantial amount of money from it, which requires him to need to an agent.  The technology of video games has been around for a few decades, but never have they been more influential than they are now.  While this one wasn’t directly related to sports, it showed how rapidly the need for agents is expanding to some previously unexpected fields.

I also feel like my posts were interesting to my audience, which obviously were my classmates.  Most of my posts had to deal with people or events that are pretty recent and influential in sports.  Any big sports fan like myself was given the opportunity to learn more about some topics that would potentially interest them.  I wish I were able to garner attention outside of the class though.  I put tags on my post hoping that my blog was more readily available to the public.  I still feel like my blogging was enjoyed by at least a few people which makes it worth its while.

Designing my blog was probably the easiest part.  While some others I viewed were much more extravagant and interactive, I decided to keep mine simple.  I used a very clean layout that allows visitors to navigate through it with ease.  I also tried to include at least a picture or a video on every post.  I am a visual learner and personally am more interested in reading posts with pictures and videos as opposed to the latter.  I used this to reach out to the people who are similar to me.  I also incorporated tags in my posts, to help people better sort out any information that they might have been looking for.  Altogether, my design was simple but I feel like I added enough to keep the reader satisfied.

Overall, I feel that my blog deserves a B+.  While some of the blogs were somewhat vague, I did not want to bore the reader.  I feel like I touched on a lot of different topics, giving the reader a diverse look of sports agents, and showing the different problems they potentially have to experience on any given day.  The information is also easily accessible.  The readability that I incorporated with appealing visuals proves my first blog to be a success.


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