With the popularity of video games rapidly growing across the USA, there is soon to be a new category of people that will need agents. Video game tournaments are starting to have very high stakes, with purses exceeding $100,000. 60 minutes ran a story on Johnathon Wendel, who they claim is the best video gamer in the world. He already has a marketing agent. Through his various endorsements and numerous products, his agent claims that he will make “millions of dollars”. That is a ton of money for something that most people just view as a hobby. They even mention a 7 year old boy who is being “scouted” after winning a tournament against many adults. While one may view this as a weird hobby to need an agent, if the market for video games keep progressing, agents can yield a high return on there “investments”.



  1. I think it’s interesting how advancements in technology have led to the development of a hobby in the first place. If we could time travel to 100 years ago, I’m sure they would be fascinated with the idea of video games and perhaps even scared of them. Now people make a living with this “hobby” even though I’m sure no one thought it would ever happen when video games were first developed. I can’t believe that a 7-year-old is even being “scouted” for this, but I think it’s great to see society developing and advancing from technological developments.

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