I was recently reading another blog and came across a very interesting article they wrote.  They were talking about how not only is media rapidly changing but the effect it is having on sports fans.  They provided many interesting examples that compelled me to write about it, because I agree with them 100%.  The first example they used involved the NBA playoffs from last year.  TNT changed the way that basketball fans could watch the game.  They allowed fans to watch the games online from different camera angles.  People could choose if they wanted to follow one player, or if they wanted to watch the game from a baseline camera, giving them the feel that they were actually in the stadium.  To me, this is revolutionary.  I have never seen such a real-life experience, that you could experience from your couch.  They then go on to talk about fantasy sports.  I am a huge fan of fantasy football, so I could relate to this very much.  They explain how it allows fans to connect more with individual athletes, as opposed to teams.  People feel like they are more associated with the athlete because he is the star on their fantasy team.  I admit that sometimes I am actually guilty of this, but I feel like fantasy football has taken a lot away from the game.  I like how times used to be, when people would have their favorite team to follow.  This is still the case for the true fans, but there are many people who don’t even care how the Washington Redskins because they were just happy that Tony Romo gave them 30 fantasy points, even though he is on the rivaling team.  While the technology provides more entertainment for the fans and allows them to feel closer to individual athletes, it takes away from the true passion of the game that fans use to experience.


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