You can’t ever talk about sports agents without mentioning the most famous of them all.  Drew Rosenhaus is the largest sports agent in the NFL, representing approximately 170 players.  Rosenhaus was born and raised in Miami, which led to him later attending the University of Miami.  This proved to be a very smart choice for him.  Not only is the University of Miami a very prestigous school, but it is also loaded with football talent, which Rosenhaus obviously used to his advantage.  After getting his bachelor’s degree, he made his way to Duke University, where he ended up getting a degree in law.  His success stems mostly from his aggressive nature.  He does whatever it takes to obtain new clients, and to keep his current clients happy at all times.  One of the main examples of his dedication come from his work with Willis McGahee.  McGahee, a stand out running back from the University of Miami, had a knee injury on his last college game that could have potentially ended his career.  Rosenhaus made a guarantee to him that not only would he be drafted, but it would be in the first round.  If this didn’t happen, Rosenhaus would waive his commission and work for McGahee for free.  Even though he could barely walk at the time of the draft, McGahee ended up being drafted towards the end of the first round and received a lucrative contract.  This is just one of many cases that shows what type of agent Drew Rosenhaus is.  The $65 million net worth speaks for itself.  Drew Rosenhaus is a man among boys when it comes to NFL sports agents.  He models what it takes to be successful in a difficult field.


One response to “DREW ROSENHAUS

  1. I do agree that Drew Rosenhaus is among the elite and recognizable agents in sports, and there’s no doubt that he is very successful. He has built up his reputation which is recognized by most professional athletes, therefore, they want to be represented by Rosenhaus. I even remember watching a video clip of Plaxico Burress being released from prison and Drew Rosenhaus was there to pick him up in his Cadillac. However, Rosenhaus’s public persona has given his name a negative connotation. He is indeed agressive and that is a great reason for his success, but in they eyes of the public, he is seen as a bad guy because of it. I think it’s necessary for the player’s agent to be removed from the spotlight as much as possible in order to avoid these negative views.

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